Tempting & Delicious Gluten Free, Low Carb Recipes

About Me

I missed gluten like an old friend and felt abandoned by my bestie when I had to give it up.  There were tears, grocery store aisle meltdowns, and adult-beverage-induced-rants that made my husband intervene.  “We aren’t going to suffer”, he assured me.  “I’ll go gluten free with you”, he said.  And with that, our whole house was a gluten-free zone.  He rocked my world helping me create countless gluten-free/low-carb favorites.  It felt like my bestie had returned.  I’m Meagan.  Thanks for joining me, my husband Rick, and our little dog Bean.  We hope you’ll feel like you are one of our “old friends” here.

I believe in living a good life and helping others.  I have lived with Type 1 diabetes for 25 years.  Many of our recipes are low-carb due to this health condition.   Years ago, I developed a variety of painful symptoms caused by gluten.  I am thankful that I discovered my gluten issues and was able to start healing.

Here is a quote from my husband about the special meaning food brings to our lives:

“There is something more to food than just survival.  It attaches itself to your memories, to your soul.  When you can recreate a family meal to be gluten free, that means everything – that is a win”.   – Rick 

I couldn’t agree more.  Despite going gluten free, life can be delicious.

I love hearing from readers and potential clients. I have written more than 130 articles for Diabetes Health Magazine & Diabetic Living Magazine. I have proudly developed recipes for ASweetLife.org & for a division of “The Happiest Place on Earth” (yes, THAT magical company where dreams really do come true).